Truth ***sold***

Truth ***sold***



In our post-modern times, it seems like there’s a fierce debate over the plausibility of the concept of truth. To me, there is no question - truth is essential to our lives. The Jewish tradition offers a deep exploration of the concept, mostly through the investigation of the three letters of the word Emet. The Midrash points out that Emet is made out of the first (Aleph), middle (Mem) and last (Tav) letters of the Hebrew alphabet, manifesting that truth is all-encompassing by nature. Another important example for the use of the 3 lettered word can be found in the Jewish myth of the Golem. The latter had the word carved into its forehead, keeping him alive. When the first letter was erased from it, the word ‘dead’ pronounced itself and robbed him of his life force. In this calligraphy artwork I set myself to expressing this all-embracing quality of the notion of truth. Reflecting modern times, the word isn’t made out of a solid unchangeable block but instead finds itself in a constant struggle and transformation. Yet, its presence and luminosity stays unaffected - expressing the core necessity of truth for life.

Truth (2018)
Acrylic on Canvas
Private collection, Melbourne

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