The Lion Has Roared

The Lion Has Roared


אַרְיֵ֥ה שָׁאָ֖ג

A beautiful verse from the Book of Amos has served as the impulse for this calligram. The symbolism of the lion in Jewish tradition dates back to ancient Israel. With more than 150 mentions in the Bible alone, the “King of Beasts” - as the lion is described in the Talmud -  symbolises strength and resilience. At times representing the tribe of Judea and in other occasions the people of Israel as a whole. In the verse that this artwork draws upon, Amos uses the lion to refer to God himself. It is believed that the holy ark was covered with depictions of lions and eagles. Personally, I’ve always had a liking for the lion. Unlike other praying animals who might be quicker or deadlier in comparison, the lion stands out because of its majestic air. No surprise that it has always been a part of Jewish art . I’ve chosen to create a calligraphy artwork of the roaring lion to epitomise a deep emblem of Jewishness: the Hebrew letters reverberate the roar and give it a deeper rooted meaning.

The Lion has Roared (2017)
India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
Price upon Request

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