De Profundis

De Profundis



“From the depths I have called You, the opening verse of Psalm 130, is in my eyes the universal cry of humanity. It comes as no surprise then that those words are used regularly in the Jewish, Catholic, Anglican and Protestant liturgies. There are two elements in this text that I wanted to express through the Hebrew letters. The first one is the feeling of being trapped and submerged in the depths. This moment of realization is not obvious. Often as we fall we are unaware of our regression. Not before the arrival at the deepest point do we realize our state. In this sense, the depth is not only a place of grief and distress but also the right location for redemption. The Hebrew letters curve downwards as they indicate the depth as the epicentre of positive disillusionment with ourselves. The second element expressed through the Hebrew letters is the call. Once we realize where we are at, we turn upwards and call in hope and fervour. We stretch and decide to cry for help. This is not just a passive awaiting for the rescue but an active choice to change perspective and pull ourselves out of the depth. The letters send their heads upwards and amplify the empowering call of life. 

De Profundis (2018)
Aquarel and India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
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