Dialogue ***sold***

Dialogue ***sold***



In recent years I am worried much more about the lack of dialogue between different groups within our society than the rise in racism and antisemitism. In fact, this two phenomena are deeply connected. Racism can only exist when there is no exchange with the ‘other’. The other is then demonised and fear is generated. Unfortunately, progressive liberal forces are not free of this poisenous process.
The dialogue with the parts of society that hold racist views is abandoned, though it is the best, if not the only tool to fight prejudices. As an artist, I wish to contribute my part to stop this social fragmentation. The hardest thing in a dialogue is not reaching an agreement, but rather keeping basic trust and respect to the other even while encountering deep differences. This artwork is shaping the Hebrew letters into a classical Arab calligraphy form. The letters are intertwined, talking and listening, debating and understanding. May art give us the strength and inspiration to do the same between people.
This artwork is inspired by classical Arabic calligraphy. By creating an Arabic form from the Hebrew letters, I wish to send a call for intra-religious and intra-cultural dialogue. This dialogue is crucial to enrich and strengthen our cultures.

Dialogue (2018)
Aquarel and India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
Philadelphia, Private collection

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