Free Will is Given

Free Will is Given


הַכֹּל צָפוּי, וְהָרְשׁוּת נְתוּנָה

The famous saying of Rabbi Akiva from Pirkei Avot is considered by many to be among the pinnacles of Jewish theological thought. The radical notion that divine determinism can coexist with human free will keeps igniting debates. Joining a body of works that address the concept of Freedom in judaism, Gabriel Wolff has decided to translate this seemingly contradictory sentence into an intricate vertical calligraphy artwork. Gabriel says: “the idea that everything is predetermined yet we are completely free to choose has never left my mind. This unbearable tension has been an endless source of artisitic inspiration for me. While drawing, I keep asking myself - who is guiding my hand? Does my free choice determine the interlocking of the letters or am I only uncovering the form that has been there all along? The vertical column of letters symbolises the connection between earth and heaven and has been a natural choice to depict this timeless sentence.

Free Will is Given (2018)
Aquarel and India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
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