Eternity ***sold***

Eternity ***sold***



The word Netzach (Eternity in Hebrew) plays a central part both in Christianity - considered one of the Fruits of the Spirit in the Pauline Epistles - as well as in Jewish mystical thought - being the seventh of the ten Sefirot of Kabbalah. It represents endurance and strength in the face of long suffering. At such times, when one contemplates Eternity the perception of chronological time dissolves. Gabriel Wolff chose to interpret this unique phenomenon in his work. He explains: “there is a certain kind of space that opens up, when one meditates long enough on the idea of eternity. Regardless of suffering or pain, For me as an artist this rare space is the nest of pure expression. When time dissolves, one may catch a glimpse of the truth.”

Aquarel and India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
Private collection, Tel Aviv

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